Hiii! I'm Jade...

I am 20 and currently studying Law at university with a minor in American Studies. I have always been lucky enough to be able to travel and explore new places. I have visited America more than anywhere else, which inspired me to do my minor in American Studies; I finally get to learn about the places I have stored in my camera roll.


Now that I'm older, I want to start travelling to other countries. As much as I love America, and although the culture in America is different depending on where you go, I'm desperate to see more. Setting up a travel blog is my way of preserving my own memories and sharing them with others.

Hi, I'm Claire...

Having worked in the travel industry for over half of my life, it has inspired me and enabled me to travel. Since 2012, my eyesight has gradually been deteriorating, and now I am registered blind. I have a white cane, which I have named Rick the Stick. Because travelling blind can be difficult, I like to drag Jade and Rick along on all my journeys, as I want to see as much of the world as possible before it becomes impossible. 


I want you to join me on this journey because, even if you have a visual impairment, you can still travel. I will share with you my experience, top tips, and the many mishaps we are bound to have. 


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