Our trip to Antigua: Exploring Devil's Bridge

Antigua and Barbuda are beautiful Caribbean islands with beaches that attract tourists to their resorts from all over. With activities such as kayaking, beach volleyball, water polo, and catamarans, it is no wonder that tourists stay within their resort. They are so beautiful and activity-filled that, sometimes, tourists go for an all-inclusive holiday and forget to explore much of the islands themselves.

My family likes all-inclusive holidays – ones where we can sit by the pool or the beach and do as little as possible. We stayed at The Verandah Resort & Spa where we relaxed with a few good books and ate more food than imaginable…

It is always a nice break away from work and student life.

But I like to travel.

So how did I get to explore Antigua while on an all-inclusive resort?

Devil's Bridge.

What is Devil's Bridge?

This is a National Park on the east coast of Antigua featuring a naturally formed bridge caused by harsh crashing waves. It is an actual bridge… though the picture shows that it doesn't take you anywhere that you couldn't access just by walking around. The natural rock formation and the harsh waves make it very dangerous to actually walk over as the waves come crashing over and through the blowhole. For this reason, most of the guides don't allow you to walk over when you are with them and suggest that if you are considering coming back, make sure to do it when the waves are calm, and the surface is dry.

Devil's Bridge was named after its tragic history. Remembered for being a well-known spot for the enslaved to commit suicide to escape the ongoing barbarity of working on the sugar plantations. The slaves would have preferred to give their soul to the Devil, who some say must have lived there. The waters are rough and falling in does not give someone the chance to survive (hence why the guides will not let you cross the Bridge).

How to get to Devil's Bridge?

Only a short 15-minute hike from the Verandah, you can choose to go with a guide from the resort, or you can walk just as easily go on your own. If you are staying at the Pineapple Beach Club, it will be a bit longer of a walk, but still worth the short trip. Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes as the limestone surface is uneven and becomes very slippery when the waves crash over.

If your hotel is too far or the uneven surface prevents accessibility, hiking might not be an option. You can otherwise drive or get a taxi to Devil's Bridge as there is parking available.

Is there a best time to visit Antigua?

Some say the best time to visit Antigua is early in the year when the weather is dry. We usually go to the Caribbean islands during the summer as the weather is at its hottest between May and October. Although this is when it rains most, we have never found the rain to be a problem. It usually lasts a short time (nothing like the weeks-on-end we get in England). We typically go into the pool, under the umbrella, or enjoy lunch for the brief spell, and then continue with our holiday.

So no, I don't think there is a best time. It is a personal preference. I like to go during the summer because it is nice to relax after exam season. Maybe, once I finally finish studying, I'll go another time of year.

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