Discovering Dallas in Two Days

Dallas was included in our trip because I had always wanted to go to Texas, and mum chose Dallas. Although we spent three nights here, we only had two full days and one morning to try and see as much as possible.

Our plane landed in Dallas Love Field airport around 10pm, so by the time we were ready to call an uber, we just wanted to sleep. Our uber to the hotel cost us $17.38 because the area our hotel was in was outside of Downtown Dallas. Unfortunately, this also meant that we had to pay uber rates each day to get into downtown.

The hotel was horribly designed and quite honestly gave us the creeps. The bedside table lamp was in the shape of a horse head, which we were not pleased about seeing when we first woke up each morning. Although the hotel seemed clean, the design and maintenance made it feel like it had been slightly abandoned. We decided we had to get over it and just get up ready for the day. We were only staying three nights…

Day 1

We took an Uber to Downtown Dallas, costing us $8.85, and were dropped off outside the JFK Memorial Plaza. After having a look around, we went to Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse as this was featured on Man vs Food.

We then decided to venture to another area of Dallas, Deep Ellum, after one of our Uber drivers recommended it. To get to Deep Ellum, we used the DART rail from West End Station and took the green rail line to Deep Ellum. We ended up paying the $12 fee for the DART rail as this was the regional ticket and we couldn't find a clear map of the local and regional boundaries.

In Deep Ellum, we found Chills 360, which serve up novelty ice cream rolls. It was clearly popular as the line was out the door by the time we had finished eating. After spending some time browsing around the artsy neighbourhood, we got the rail back halfway. We then walked the remainder so that we could discover more of Dallas.

On our walk back, we found Thanks-Giving Square, which includes a temple with spiral stained-glass windows along the roof, the Bell Tower and the Ring of Thanks. As the picture shows, this is a fourteen-foot ring made of aluminium and gold to symbolise gratitude.

For dinner, we wanted to try real Texan/Mexican food so walked to Meso Maya Comida Y Copas where we got a fantastic burrito. The Mexican-style food I have tasted in England doesn't even compare.

Day 2

After such a superb dinner, we wanted to try more of the Texan-Mexican cuisine, so we headed to Dallas Farmers Market (we love a food market). Most of the day was spent trying out different foods, including a seafood platter, tacos, alligator, and gumbo. The seafood platter was mouth-wateringly delicious, but the alligator was a tad too salty for me.

On our walk back from the market, we came across Pioneer Plaza featuring masses of bronze cattle representing the trails that brought settlers to Dallas.

As we got back into downtown Dallas, we wanted to see the place of JFK's assassination. We found that The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza had closed for the evening. Due to the sweltering weather that we are not adapted for, we just wanted to go back to our hotel to shower and then grab some food before bed. Yes, more food.

For dinner, we went across the road to the local shops where we discovered some sort of pizza and wine place and the perfect breakfast option for the following morning. Whisk Crepes Café is a French restaurant serving all varieties of crepes you could imagine.

Day 3

As we had less than a couple of hours, we didn't think it would be worth heading back into downtown to rush The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. So, after breakfast, we headed to North Park Centre Shopping Mall in an Uber for $17.71, mostly because we wanted another Cheesecake Factory and to do a small shop before our flight. We then got an Uber to the airport, stopping first at our hotel to grab our bags, for $25.16.

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