How to Spend One-Day in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The only reason we actually stopped in Baltimore, is because of the song in the musical Hairspray. Mum insisted on singing Good Morning Baltimore the whole day (she is currently singing it as I write this post).

Although we spent the night here, we arrived very early hours and went to bed immediately. In the morning, we walked over to the harbour from our hotel to grab some breakfast. We opted for lobster rolls – yes for breakfast – and have been disappointed that we can't have the same every day since.

We didn't actually have much time in Baltimore as we needed to board the Greyhound later that day. So, we spent most our time along the harbour eating a variety of flavoured popcorn and candyfloss. Although we skipped lunch because we felt quite sick, it was tough to resist the restaurants along the harbour, including our favourite chain, The Cheesecake Factory. As well as restaurants, the harbour has several shops including tourist ones selling crab-themed souvenirs.

The harbour definitely caters for a variety of interests. On the harbour, there are the Historic Ships of Baltimore's floating museums, which are literally boats converted into museums! Or if you are more into science than maritime history, there is a three-floor Maryland Science Center.

I was more intrigued by the different water activities, especially the Chessie dragon paddle boats. We didn't go on those though because I knew I would be the only one paddling, and mum would just sit there. To rent these for half-an-hour, they are $20, and can hold up to four people. What we should have done, was boarded the Electric Pirate Ships for $25 so that it wasn't just down to me to paddle.

On our whole trip, I made it a bit of a mission to educate mum in conventional high school history #EducatingClaire. This meant that we were going to pay a visit to the Holocaust Memorial. It is located just two blocks from the harbour.

Although the rubbish surrounding the site was shocking, the Joseph Sheppard Holocaust Sculpture was a very intriguing design. The sculpture portrays the horrors of the Holocaust by contorting victims' bodies into the shape of a flame. Mum has since learnt what the Holocaust was, and so it was worth the visit.

We had little time until we needed to head to the Greyhound terminal, so we stopped at Subway where we grabbed some food for the road.

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